"Your baby's brain develops in response to what they experience "

    Dr. Rene Van de Carr

Father of The 

Preborn Classroom


Did You Know that Your Baby can Begin Learning Before Birth?



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How it all began...

Dr. Rene Van de Carr and his research team developed the world's first structured scientific program of "prenatal enrichment" with "Preborn" babies, beginning in 1979. The results of these studies were disseminated worldwide through scientific papers and lectures with Organizations, Medical Schools, and University events. 

Since 1986, Prenatal University has been expanding its comprehensive "Music and The Preborn Classroom" curriculum, designed for preborns, newborns, and family members. The goal of Prenatal University has been to help parents and family members foster a better environment for their "Preborn" baby and provide opportunities for an early learning relationship between parent and child, that can last a lifetime.

In the USA, Europe, and Asia, Dr. Van de Carr appeared on many popular TV shows, radio interviews and was also featured in many newspapers and magazines. He demonstrated these communicative methods using music, touch and sound activities.  He also received an international award and legislative commendation for this pioneering work. 


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Sharing Good news

California Community Foundation.


Thank you to The California Community Foundation.

Education is just one area that 

The California Community Foundation is making a difference.  

In April 2016, Prenatal University launched 

The Preborn Classroom Awareness Campaign. 

The launch of this project has been made possible in part 

by a grant from The California Fund. CCF; 

is the fourth largest community foundation in the United States, 

based on total giving. 

We want to thank The California Community Foundation, who is committed  to championing issues that help those who need it most and lift up the  entire community.                                                                                                                              

The Preborn Classroom Awareness Campaign 
will reach over 14,000 community-based, 
low income clinics, which provide comprehensive
health care for women and families across America. 

Prenatal University will distribute educational materials to explains how important Preborn Enrichment is to healthy brain development of their baby, before and after birth.

Dick Wagner's "Remember the Child" Fund.


Thank you to Dick Wagner's "Remember the Child" Fund.

We wish to give a very special thank you  to Dick Wagner’s “Remember the child” fund, for their kind support 

in  granting Prenatal University permission to use the song; 

“Remember the  Child”, Lyrics and Music by Dick Wagner, Performed by Dick Wagner,  Produced and Recorded by Record Label; Desert Dreams Productions. 

Susan Michelson; Producer and Founder of 

The Dick Wagner “Remember the Child” Memorial fund 

and Dr. Van de Carr, founder of Prenatal University, 

share in understanding the important benefits of music. 

Preborn  Enrichment and Music Therapy, both support healthy brain development,  as well as physical, emotional, social and cognitive well-being, before  and after birth. 

The two organizations look forward to collaboration that will shed light on both organization’s missions and goals. 

The Ernest Lieblich Foundation


Thank you to The Ernest Lieblich Foundation.
Earnest Lieblich  was an avid supporter of 

children and the arts for many years. 

His  contributions over the years, 

supported diverse organizations, 

dedicated  to providing children with tools of 

self-expression through music and  art.

Prenatal University's "Preborn Enrichment Program", 

is known as a  child's first classroom and 

music serves as essential enrichment for 

a  preborn baby's healthy brain development.  

We want to thank The Ernest Lieblich Foundation, 

for their grant support, which has helped to promote our "Preborn Classroom Awareness Campaign". 

Bravo Gente LLC


Thank you to Bravo Gente LLC 

Sharing Mutual Missions...

We want to give a special thanks to Bravo Gente LLC, 

our publisher, marketing and 

merchandising services specialists.


Their continued help before, during and after our on-line launch, has been truly appreciated. 

We are fortunate to have their experience

 and continued care for our organization. 

Bravo Gente’s own mission and commitment to music, education and early brain development, has made our working relationship a unique and fulfilling one. 

We look forward to continuing the shared experience of our mutual missions, as we unfold our goals to reach mothers-to-be, their preborn babies and their families.