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Every 8 Seconds

 a Baby is born in America

Knowing  more about how a "Preborn baby" develops,  could help men and women, 

of  all ages, make better life decisions  concerning; relationships, timing  and intimacy.
It  can help marriages decide when the best time  to begin growing a  family, when the best time would be to have a baby based on different  lifestyles, 

careers, assorted  commitments and responsibilities. 

what if everyone learned...


How a baby begins to develop physically and mentally after conception?



And what if everyone could learn how and when your "preborn" baby begins to bond and communicate with you and your family.



And what if your family could share the experience of your baby's first classroom; "Music and The Preborn Classroom".


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What really happens after conception...

So Much to Learn and So Much to share...

Please share with mothers-to-be, fathers-to-be, 

grandparents-to-be and those you love.


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Learning more about the miraculous journey that a baby takes, into your arms, learning how quickly a preborn baby can begin learning and bonding, learning about what really happens after conception, may change the decisions of men and women of all ages, before conception.